Ducted Airconditioning

Have you been feeling the heat this summer? Everyone should feel comfortable in their own home or workplace, so if you answered a yes to that question it’s time to invest in a good quality air conditioner! But what are the best air conditioners to purchase you ask? If you are looking for an energy-efficient, unobtrusive system, then ducted air conditioners are hard to beat! What is ducted air conditioning? Lets break it down.

Ducted air conditioners are widely used in large spaces such as offices and shopping centres, however, they have boomed in popularity for homeowners too. The ducted air conditioning system is more stylish and discreet than its alternative; the split system. Subtle vents funnel cooled (or heated) air through the floor or ceiling. Usually with a control remote mounted onto an easy accessible wall.

How Does It Work?

A ducted air conditioner works by funnelling cool or heated air from a central unit to a collection of ducts to each room in your home. These ducts are sectioned off into “zones” which enables you to not only control the temperature in each room, but also the airflow by turning off any unwanted zones at any given time. This is a big bonus for your electricity bill as it reduces the running costs! Ducted air conditioners facilitate energy-efficient cooling and heating all year round!

The Advantages Of Ducted

  • Save on Electricity Costs! Houses that require more than 3 air conditioned rooms really benefit from ducted systems as they provide better energy efficiency compared to the costs of running several different units. To boost these savings even more, you can purchase inverter based systems that allows your unit to continue operating at a certain speed, resulting in a consistent temperature throughout your home.
  • No Noise. Ducted systems are the quietest options when it comes to airconditioning as all the noise producing agents are located away from the vents and rooms.
  • Wall Space and Interior Design. Both ducted and ductless systems feature outside units, they differ greatly when it comes to their appearance inside the home. Split system air conditioners are installed high up on interior walls, some view this oblong box as undesirable in their homes, especially when ducted systems are out of sight and small vents go almost unnoticed!
  • Controlled Temperatures in Zones. Another advantage of ducted aircon is the ability to install zones. Zoned airconditioning systems allows you to adjust the temperature in individual rooms. This maintains a very comfortable living and working environment. During the night, you can lower the temperature in the bedrooms only, for a great nights sleep without the expense of cooling the entire house. In offices, you can switch off unused areas, storage areas etc.
  • Add Value to Your Home Ducted Airconditioning adds more value to your house when it comes to selling, as ducted airconditioning systems are permanent and superior to other systems on the market.
  • Long Lasting With regular services and maintenace, ducted airconditioning systems should last a long time. Some of our regular service clients had their ducted systems installed over 15 years ago by us and they are still going strong!

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