Looking for some tips to save money while keeping cool this summer? You’ve come to the right place. Air conditioners are the perfect way to keep cool in Ballina and the Northern Rivers hot summers, however, they also come with an increase in electricity consumption.

Here are some ways you can keep that next power bill down, while still enjoying your gloriously cool air-conditioned house this summer!

1. Turn your air conditioner off at night

This tip is pretty simple! Keep your aircon on during the day and switch it off at night. Most nights the evening air is much cooler, so you can take advantage of this by opening a window and letting in some breeze. Opening windows at either end of your house will allow a nice airflow and keep your room cool.

However, we kn0w living in the area, air conditioners in Ballina and The Norther Rivers are sometimes just needed on those extra hot nights. If this is the case, turn your air conditioner up a few degrees during the night so it isn’t working as hard and lower the fan power to save on some power.

2. Use your thermostat and timer

One of the most energy-saving things you can do during summer is set your thermostat to a consistent, comfortable temperature to ensure your unit isn’t working too hard. Somewhere between the 22 and 24 degrees Celcius is where you should set your thermostat. This will leave your house feeling comfortable, but not drain the power. As a general rule, try not to set the temperature of the unit more than 8 degrees below the outside temperature. For example, if it is 30 degrees outside, set your air conditioner around 22/23 degrees.

Remember! Every degree counts! Even setting your temperature 1 degree warmer than what you normally would, can save you up to a whopping 10%!

Bonus points (and cheaper bills) if you have a thermostat with a built-in timer, so you can set the times your air conditioner runs for maximum energy efficiency.

3. Reduce air escape passages

If you have noticed your space takes a long time to cool down, perhaps you have some cracks or openings that are allowing the air to escape. These can be gaps in doors and windows. Ensure all doors and windows are closed shut and look for any places air can escape. Check for any gaps and seal accordingly to help your power bill. Adding insulation to air conditioning ducts can also help when sealing a space.

4. Keep your air conditioner regularly serviced

A dirty filter makes your unit work harder! A regularly maintained air conditioner not only runs smoother, quieter and cleaner but also reduces the power needed for it to run. Ensure you have serviced your air conditioner on a regular basis to keep those costs down.

Haven’t had a service in a while? Give our friendly staff a call on 02 6686 9993 today and book in!

5. Keep the sun out

Ensuring your house is as shady as can be is a great way to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t go into overdrive. It’s fairly simple; Sun equals heat and when you allow it to penetrate windows and doors into your home its heats up your spaces. Keep your blinds, curtains or shutters closed during the middle of the day and keep that hot air out, even tinted windows can really help. Your air conditioner will love you for it.

Plan for the future and consider planting trees or bushes around your home to keep the harsh sun out, not only does it look nice and is great for the environment, it also helps your wallet by keeping your power bill at bay!


We hope these tips can assist in keeping your electricity bills down this summer. If you need any assistance with airconditioning in Ballina or the local area,  please give us a call on 026686 9993 today.


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